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Our squad are collaborative, resourceful, resilient, out of the box thinkers that challenge the status quo and inspire others to  do the same.  #SquadGoals are seeking 30 awesome students to join our squad and spend three days developing a strong personal and business mindset with some of Australia’s top thought leaders in our secret location on the Gold Coast known as Rebel Valley.

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#SquadGoals is a collaborative project between Startup Apprentice and The Rogue & Rouge Foundation – two Gold Coast Social Enterprise organisations regarded as thought leaders in teen entrepreneurship,  emotional intelligence and leadership.  This unique collaborative three day camp will provide the opportunity for 30 exceptional young future leaders to explore and develop key leadership and business creation skills as they undertake a fast tracked, real world startup journey.



Day one, participants will embark on a journey of self actualisation and empowerment, exploring concepts such as identity, personal characteristics/strengths, authenticity and leadership. We believe truly great leaders have the capacity to find strength in vulnerability. Leadership can take many forms, and day one will allow participants to tap into their strengths and harness their passion to create more positive and productive projects. Day one will prepare students to dive into the startup world throughout day two, confident and armed with personal power to take on the world.


The second day will see the students focus on the three concepts of ideation, research & development and collaborative planning introducing them to an entrepreneurial mindset that helps develop key life skills that are commonly only acquired over time.
During day two the students will develop specific skills as a Hacker, Hipster or Hustler related to their strengths. The skills learnt will drive teams to collaborate on a shared vision producing a presentation of a business solution to a social problem as well as a website. The students will experience real-world activities that will see them develop the soft skillsets of; collaboration, knowledge construction, self-regulation, real-world problem-solving and innovation, ICT for technical literacy and public speaking.


The final day will see the students bring all that they have learnt about themselves and business together. The end of camp will be celebrated in front of the greater community of local business, parents and teachers and their peers as they pitch their ideas and learnings to a panel of judges. Students will be given the opportunity to celebrate their journey, and be acknowledged for the personal and professional transforamtion they have undergone as both an individual and a squad.