Startup Apprentice 8 Week Accelerator Program

overall_winner_judges_01The Startup Apprentice eight week program is an award winning, unique, action based business accelerator that teaches the ‘Silicon Valley’ lean approach to starting a business to high-school students.

Designed to help bridge-the-gap between book-smarts and street-smarts, the hands-on, experience based sessions see the students launch new businesses using new and emerging technologies while learning the soft skills that employers are looking for.

The Startup Apprentice program encourages high school students to think differently about their approach to working life. It teaches the principles for pitching and validating an idea, building a revenue model, finding customers and delivering an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) concept. It also provides access to role models and business people, who are walking the walk that students wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

The eight week program can be run as an after school program or in-curriculum.

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Startup Apprentice Express One Day Workshop

startup-apprentice-expressStartup Apprentice Express (SUA Express) offers schools a one day introductory program that focuses on the three concepts of ideation, research & development and collaborative planning.

This full day program draws information on these key concepts from the award winning eight week Startup Apprentice course and provides the perfect platform to drive 21st Century learning while sparking interest in developing an entrepreneurial mindset.

SUA Express will provide a short introduction to entrepreneurial mindset and develop specific skills as a Hacker, Hipster or Hustler.

These skills will drive teams to collaborate on a shared vision and produce a landing page displaying the research from the day.

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Startup Apprentice Ideation Sessions

Startup Apprentice Ideation Sessions are designed to help support schools that are running their own entrepreneurial education programs by introducing the latest technology and business trends to students and providing tools and techniques to encourage innovative thinking.


As with all Startup Apprentice programs, these half day sessions are highly interactive and the perfect way to spark creativity and enthusiasm in your students as they embark on their first entrepreneurial endeavour.


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Startup Apprentice School Holiday Program

#SquadGoals is a collaborative project between Startup Apprentice and The Rogue & Rouge Foundation – two Gold Coast Social Enterprise organisations regarded as thought leaders in teen entrepreneurship,  emotional intelligence and leadership.  This unique collaborative three day camp will provide the opportunity for 30 exceptional young future leaders to explore and develop key leadership and business creation skills as they undertake a fast tracked, real world startup journey.

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