A Social Enterprise

Startup Apprentice is a social enterprise, inspired by the social and philanthropic sectors operating as a business for social purpose.  As a Proprietary Limited Australian Company, our constitution binds us to our social mission, directing any and all profits to these purposes.

Our Mission and Purpose

We want to equip 1,000,000 young minds with the essential entrepreneurial mindset skills needed for their future working life. We want to provide schools with a method to introduce 21st Century Project Based Learning to their students by complementing the current curriculum. We want to introduce technology based skills to students and promote collaboration and sharing of skills between experienced entrepreneurs, university students and school aged students.  We want to inspire our young apprentices to think about the impact they can make in their future working life, that’s why social change is embedded into the core of our business model. We hope you will join us in our “Pay it Forward” mission.

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