‘You don’t learn until you launch’ – this is the key message that is conveyed in the new Amazon best seller – The 7 Day Startup.

Written by Gold Coast local, and our co-working office buddy, Dan Norris, he takes you through his own personal entrepreneurial journey with honest and open assessments of previous failures and his current success with WPCurve, a business that he managed to progress from an idea to a revenue producing entity in just 7 days.


Based on his learnings, Dan has provided a clear roadmap as well as a suite of tools that the reader can use to guide them to true product/business validation which Dan believes is only truly achieved when your customer opens their wallet!



  • You think you have a great idea, but are stuck in analysis paralysis
  • You have put your idea on hold because you are strapped for cash
  • You just don’t know where to start

…then this is the book for you! We’ve certainly been inspired and are running through our constant stream of ideas to see if we can test something out in our spare time!!

The 7 Day Startup is available on Amazon.com for just $1.oo on kindle or $8.99 for the paperback – click here to find out more.